Auditum 2019 – Peripheries and Elevations

Week of Listening

“A week for the invisible and slow that is the listening brings. A week to slow down at the demand of matter and attend to the sonic routine, which extends in multiple layers of our life experience. And then when listening is attended enoguh, let her be in charge of directing time and building space, thus allowing us to become aware of the present. To keep on listening.”

Listening Week – annual event of the Auditum Listening Platform – is a festival of sound and intermediate arts that works around listening and its multiple theoretical and practical dimensions, inquiring about society, territory and life . With academic conferences, live sound events, audiovisual performances and sound actions in public space, it seeks to generate spaces for reflection and creation through various sound practices, and its encounter with other arts and disciplines.

Peripheries and Elevations

Medellín is located, not only in the flat center of a valley that exceeds it in size, but between mountains, this dramatic relief being proportional to the imagination of those who live in it. The outskirts of this city are, then, mostly heights: viewpoints, hills and hillsides from which you can access a city in the skies. In our constant search to understand the multidimensionality of listening and its role within the socio-cultural fabric of our territory, we seek that the Listening Week 2019 proposed an approach to the voices and echoes of the city, from the idea of height and periphery.

Who searches and listens to the city from its edges? Where is the center? How do the slopes sound? How do you imagine from the liminality? These are some of the questions we address in this version of the Listening Week, in our idea of reflecting on symbolic and socio-political considerations of the territory that act, in turn, on the listening processes.

“To surround the city from its echoes and to rise above it in listening, are both strategies to consider the valley as a unit, the city as an organism, space as an entity and sound as a force that sneaks between the multiple layers of who we are. The edges seem to blur when we close our eyes and allow the ear to dictate the limit that defines the silhouettes of reality Listening elevates us, not just because it invites us to the top, but because it allows us to forget everything that seems to cling to the center from things, to the core of issues, to content that would be nothing without emptiness, the silence, which opens the forms of what we perceive. “


Alejandro Villegas (Bogotá)
Atractor Estudio (Bogotá)
Chris Blau & David Álvarez (La Ceja)
Colectivo Radio Bestial: Laura Wiesner & Sandra Martínez (Bogotá)
Daniel Gómez (Cali)
David Escallón (Medellín)
Esteban Betancur (Medellín)
Federico Durand (Argentina)
Gabriela Munguía (México)
Leonel Vásquez (Sibaté)
lü: Alejandro Henao & Miguel Isaza (Medellín)
Magdalena (Medellín)
Miguel Ángel Bedoya (Medellín)
Sebastian Benjumea (Medellín)
Magio Giraldo aka Sereno (Medellín)
Stéphane Marin (Francia)
Yudy Esmeralda Ramírez (Sibaté)
Zemög (Pereira)

Involved Entities

Centro de Desarrollo Cultural Moravia – La Fresquera
Museo de Antioquia
Plataforma Bogotá – CKWEB Bogotá – IDARTES
Más Arte Más Acción
Un oasis

“All that auditum, all that heard, becomes the impulse that allows us to become aware of the present. To listen, at night, during the day, before the noise, befor the bird, before a machine, before the listening itself. To listen to breathe, hear how to be, sound like being.”