Darién @ LAB3

Project: Darién Ondas installation


With: David Escallón, Rossana Uribe

Role: Sound mixing, additional design

For several years artist David Escallón has visited the region of Darién and has recorded there sounds and images that are the main input of the present installation. Through the abstraction of the archives of the territory from which they originate, the artist transcends the merely documentary perspective of representing these archives of the jungle in conventional conceptual formats that generally seek to define the environment, its species or catch the many sensations it awakens. This process, added to the poetic gesture, gives way to an installation that invites the aesthetic and contemplative experience. Thus, Darien in Lab 3 proposes multiple reflections on the relationship between the human being and the nature that surrounds him in a succession of shadows and silences, of bursts and microsounds, of chromatisms, invisible atmospheres and waves. The work is then constructed from a ripple that alternates the temporal and spatial manifestations that belong to the Colombian Darien: from the oceanic zone to the thick jungle, from the macro to the micro, from day to night.

Sound mixing was done in a 8-channel system designed around the visual processes present in the installation.