Project: SET audio+video performance

With: Liz Rodda and Joey Fauerso

Place: Fifth floor @ MAMM

Date: March, 2017


SET, a collaborative exhibition program by visual artists and musicians, re-defines the moving image through the context of divergent sites and live soundtracks. The project includes commissioned silent works by Cheryl Donegan (NY, NY), Joey Fauerso (San Antonio, TX), Celeste Fichter (Brooklyn, NY), Duncan Ganley (London, UK), Tatiana Istomina (NY, NY), Susan Jacobs (Melbourne, AU), Maura Jasper (Muncie, IN), Saul Levine (Boston, MA), Liz Rodda (Austin, TX), Luz Maria Sánchez (Mexico City, MX), Barron Sherer (Miami, FL), and Michael Velliquette (Madison, WI) that will travel to multiple exhibition sites accompanied by a wide range of live soundtracks. Experimental in nature, the project considers the ways in which artists work in anticipation of an unknown auditory response and, in turn, how musicians and performers reply to a divergent range of imagery. In essence, the video becomes the written word, and the sound, the pronunciation. Like a homograph, the performed interpretation defines the meaning of the word. At the center of this project are chance procedures, unforeseeable juxtapositions and an evolving set of meanings propelled by the mechanics of translation. The resulting collaborations will be featured collectively on a website designed to serve as a hub for viewers to observe the project in its entirety.