Ethereal Fortore @ Liminaria 2016

Project: Ethereal Fortore

At: Liminaria 2016, Fortore, Italy

Role: Artist in residency

Ethereal Fortore was a project developed during residency at Fortore region in Italy, under Liminaria 2016, a festival dedicated to explore sound art practices in rural territories. That year’s topic was “Rural Futurism”.

Ethereal Fortore was composed of two works, a four channel acousmatic installation in a garden in which insects from the places, insects on field recordings and artificial sounds microsonically designed to evoke insects, converge into the same cybernetic dimension of listening, a prosthetic encounter capable of triggering aural imagination and sonic fiction from the actual virtuality of the situation.

The second piece was a performance based on ethereal explorations of the territory, some of them showcased in a diary of sounds and text about the experience and a final performance made from field recordings of church organ, speakers, conversations, environments, objects, animals, persons. It was done in the dark, at the campanille. Full recording can be listened here: