Listenings – Selection of Actual Sound Art (MAMM)

Project: Escuchas sound art exhibition

With: LAB3 @ MAMM

Year: Dec 2015 – Mar 2016

Role: Curator

As a result of a collaboration between LAB3 sound room at Medellin Museum of Modern Art and ÉTER laboratory, ESCUCHAS (listenings) is born, a multichannel sound art exhibition based in a selection of 12 pieces by international artists who assume sound as a central axis of their artistic reflection and process.

Escuchas, as plural, is an assembly of diverse artists, processes and pieces. It is a call to become listeners, to be attentive. It is a reiterative invitation to come into the sound room. It is also the plurality of spaces inhabitable from the sonic experience. It is a way to address to the many forms in which we can assume the sense of what we are as resonant bodies. It is a question: are you listening?

Artists in exhibition: Alejandro Cornejo (Peru), Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (India), David Vélez (Colombia), Edu Comelles (Spain), Fabio Perletta (Italy), France Jobin (Canada), John Grzinich (United States), Manrico Montero (Mexico), Robert Curgenven (Australia), Simon Whetham (UK), Yann Novak (United States), Yannick Dauby (France).